Emma Baker-Spink – The Fable Boss

Emma Baker-Spink is a stylist extraordinaire, and has a vast array of wonderful, loyal and super stylish clients.  Her passion and verve for the hair industry have grown (and continue to grow!) over a remarkable 28 year career on the floor.  Emma is an unstoppable force and strives to make every single client feel sensational!

Fable hair specialises in beautiful, creative colouring, precision haircutting and styling to suit every occasion.  Every single client is an individual and therefore requires expert consultation and unique techniques and ideas.

A bespoke hair experience can only be attained with a magical set of hands, a finely honed skill set,  a great set of ears for listening and a pair of eyes that will see every minute detail. This is why the Fable Hair experience will delight and satisfy you.

Emma’s knowledge of chemical reformation is outstanding, as is her famed colour and cutting work.  Anything and everything is possible at Fable hair!

Superior hair and service comes from attention to detail, experience and passion: all of which Emma possesses in vast quantities!